The 1980s was highlighted by excess. 

Music, film and fashion had all peaked in terms of over-indulgence.

The hair metal genre specifically was identified with over-produced sound and outlandish concerts that were at the time considered highlight events. The action genre in film was notably obsessed with over the top violence and one-liner dialogue. Meanwhile clothing lines were all about the leather, vibrant colours and the ever popular jean sensations. Attitude was the essence of cool and while new technologies were also prominent, nothing beat the party hardy atmosphere that was seen as no holds barred on having a good time.

In 2013, there still remain the few who now dream of the 80s in nostalgia. They were toddlers during the era but long to live in the past through stories and the remnants that have been re-energized by a prominent media access. The journey to live out the 80s at the Rocklahoma Music Festival becomes the focal point in an ever closing world for these characters who see that just because times have changed doesn't mean the past has to die.