Rad-City came about as a commentary on mid 20s, independent youths. Sometimes without a career, family and dwindling friendships, many people from their mid 20s to their early 30s suffer from mile to severe depression. Over the course of decades, the film industry has pumped out numerous films about drug, sex and gambling addiction. Boris Godzinevski created a less unerving method of coping with depression at that age. An obsession with a past generation, in this case the 1980s. The main character of Rick was to be a man who ignores modern times and lives as he believes he would in the 80s. All the references are there, including Don Johnson, and with the hope of culminating his 80s obsession, he makes it easier to cope with his evident dispair.

Perparation was key as the film required numerous different settings and a plethora of secondary characters. Although the film is set in present-day, the theme of the 80s through lighting and transitions was always there. The script was copyrighted in April of 2012 and filming began in August of that year. Final scenes were filmed in December of 2013 and the long process of editing was undertaken by co-director David Hollands.